1. The Cockpit Drill


Yes, it sounds like you’re piloting a fighter plane. But it’s the only way to explain five important things you need to do when getting into the driving seat. Some pupils find it helps them remember by using the initials D-S-S-S-M.

Doors. Make sure they are all properly shut. This is the driver’s responsibility. Check your own by tugging it, check the others by using the external mirrors.

Seat. Adjust the seat so that, when holding the steering wheel, there is a slight bend in the elbow and, when depressing the pedals, there is a slight bend in the knee.

 Adjust the head restraint so it protects the centre of the head. If it's too low, or too high, in a collision you may seriously injure your neck.



Seat-belt. Make sure the belt is securely fastened in the position shown. There should be no twists and you must ensure the lower belt is beneath the stomach, across the hips - if it's too high across the stomach, serious internal injuries may result in an accident. Wearing a seat-belt is a legal requirement. For details on the law and seat belts, click 'HERE'.

Steering. The pupil should run his/her hands around the wheel to ensure there are no obstructions.


irrors. These should be adjusted correctly after adjusting the seat. For details on correct mirror adjustment click here or see the final part of this lesson.