Vehicle Finance


Choosing the right car is one thing, ‘how’ you buy it is quite another.


Paying cash is usually the best way to buy a car. It puts you in a position to haggle a great deal with the seller and you won't have to pay expensive fees and interest to a money lender.

However, unless we are rich or the car is inexpensive, most of us are not lucky enough to be able to pay cash for our car purchase, so we need to borrow money.

And borrowing money to pay for a car is a real minefield!

Our first and most important piece of advice is DON’T take the first car finance 

offer which is made to you. Shop around. There are deals to be done and you can save a 

great deal of money just by spending 30 minutes doing a l

ittle research.

You can do that research here. We can guide you through the pitfalls and, 

if you are a Drivinghelp member, help to save you money. So click the button

below which applies to you.