15 Top Tips to Fuel Saving

Would you prefer your fuel bill to be going down rather that up? Unless you are already doing everything we've listed below, you may find you can spend less on fuel each month than you already are - despite the rise in prices!

Here are our top tips for saving money - it really works!

  • Use the accelerator smoothly and progressively. Try to anticipate what is happening ahead to avoid harsh braking and acceleration.
  • Keep your car’s aerodynamics smooth. Remove bike carriers and roof boxes when not in use. Driving with windows and sun roof open uses more fuel.
  • Keep the highest appropriate gear. High reving uses a lot of fuel.
  • Try to maintain a steady speed in the highest gear possible.
  • If you are going to be stuck in a queue for more than a minute or so, turn off the engine.
  • Try to avoid short journeys - cold engines use more fuel.
  • Keep your tyre pressures to the recommended pressure. Under-inflated tyres cause greater resistance and can increase fuel consumption considerably.
  • Don’t leave your engine idling to warm up the car on winter mornings.
  • Using cruise control when appropriate keeps the accelerator steady.
  • Using the air conditioning for long periods in slow, urban environments increases fuel consumption. This is not so noticeable at steady high speeds.
  • Plan journeys to avoid congestion.
  • Keep your car regularly serviced.
  • When approaching speed bumps drive smoothly and at a constant speed of between 15-20 mph. Braking sharply, accelerating, then braking sharply for the next speed bump will consume a lot more fuel than taking things steady.
  • When approaching a roundabout or junction lift off the accelerator and cruise to a stop in gear. This way you will use no fuel. If you put the car into neutral and cruise to a stop the car will continue to consume fuel. 
  • Keep windows clean as this keeps them less likely to mist up and you won’t have to use the heater or air conditioning.