Yes, Sorry to Tell You This Guys - But Women Park Better Than You!

A couple of recent studies suggest women are better parkers than men. Will this argument never end?!

Despite a DSA survey suggesting more women fail their driving test on parking than men, an NCP survey shows women are better at locating spaces, more accurate in lining the car up before starting and more likely to reverse into the bay.

So the question is “why” are they better at parking in general when they are more likely to fail the manoeuvre on their driving test?

We think it’s attitude - which is also the very reason men’s insurance premiums are higher than women’s. Insurance companies are aware that, even though men can park and manoeuvre a car better than a woman when they are concentrating (it’s all to do with spacial awareness), they also have a much more cavalier attitude to driving in general. Men are much more likely, for example, to wrap a car around a lamp-post at 90 miles an hour.

Which brings us to the latest survey undertaken by - the insurance people.

They’ve found that careless parking has led to £1.3bn (yes, that’s billion) worth of damage and that men are more likely to have a car park prang than women.

Here are some even more alarming statistics from the survey:

  • 1 in 6 drivers would never leave insurance details if they pranged another car

  • 45% would only consider leaving details if the accident looked serious

(Remember here that leaving the scene of an accident without leaving details can be a criminal offence - so it’s not to be taken lightly)

  • 1 in 4 of the nation’s lawyers admitted to having committed a prang and run!
  • 1 in 3 of those working in property have done the same thing
  • Less than 1 in 10 teachers have done the same however (leading by example, no doubt)

And here’s the interesting statistic:

  • 20% of men have scraped another car compared to 15% of women!

However, men actually blame their careless driving whereas women are more likely to blame the stingy sizes of UK car parking spaces.

So there we have it - tangible proof that men tend to drive more carelessly than women! So, ladies, when your insurance goes up because of the European ruling that insurance companies can’t discriminate on the grounds of sex, you know who to blame!