1 in 5 Don’t Know How to Check Oil Level!

Publishing firm Haynes - the people who publish car repair books - have found that one in three drivers believe they would fail the theory test if they had to take it today.

That means one in three drivers cannot even reach basic learner standard in their theory!


Apparently, 20% of drivers don’t know how to carry out basic car checks, such as oil and brake fluid levels and looking at the battery. 7% of motorists confessed they didn’t actually know anything at all about car maintenance.

The most confident group of drivers fell into the over 55 age group. Of those, 60% said they knew basic maintenance such as checking the oil and brake fluid - but even that is surprisingly few considering you are supposed to check those items at least once a week. It can be dangerous not to.

Our feeling is that we don’t expect drivers to be mechanics, but it’s a good idea to keep your car in good condition for your own and other’s safety - and that includes regular basic checks, the likes of which are tested as ‘show and tell’ questions in the practical driving test.

The problem is, after we’ve taken our driving test we tend to think we no long need to remember everything we learned - until we break down in the middle of the night or the engine seizes through poor maintenance!