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Tony Friday - Accord Driving School

Tony is a DSA Grade 6 Instructor. The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) is the government body which sets driving tests and assesses all instructors' ability to teach. When an instructor is assessed, he is graded. The lowest is grade 1, poor to the point of being dangerous, and the highest is grade 6, excellent. The majority of instructors are graded 4 and, currently, only 6% are achieving grade 6. So that alone makes Tony one of the UK's top instructors.

Not only is Tony a 6, however, he is also a 'straight' or 'clean' 6. This means that during his ability to instruct test, there was no element of his teaching which was graded below 6. That is outstanding and, whilst there are no official figures available, we figure this must place him in the top 1%.

But there's more to Tony than just being a Grade 6.  His experience also includes the following qualifications:

  • C + E Licence (that means he can drive 'big' trucks!)
  • ADR Licence (that means he's qualified to carry dangerous goods)
  • Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
  • Member of the Driving Instructor Association
  • Military instructor
Add all this to Tony's 11 years experience as a driving instructor and you begin to see why we think he's highly qualified to give learner drivers the highest standard of teaching.

Here are a couple of quotes from references we sought for Tony:

"Tony was a fantastic instructor who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive".

"Tony is everything I could have wished for in a driving instructor, reliable, funny, patient and a great teacher. He has never once raised his voice.....and he is always careful to explain where I have gone wrong......I would not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends....."

Tony has just returned from Afganistan where he has been teaching troops in various vehicles and cross country driving. So, not only will you be well taught, you'll probably have an interesting conversation as well!

Here's how to contact Tony*:

Telephone: 01326-377459 or 07817-878821 (Text)

Or visit Tony's website by clicking here.

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