Here are some extracts from the outstanding references we have received for Gareth:

"Gareth is an extremely patient, friendly and approachable driving instructor. He is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional yet personal driving instructor."

"I was really impressed with the way Gareth approached teaching..... the time he spent discussing the mental aspects and getting to the bottom of my fears etc. was invaluable. I came back to driving....... and found it really daunting but the encouragement and coaching from Gareth turned this around for me. Other instructors in my experience focused mainly on the mechanics and I feel Gareth achieved a good balance between this and the driving theory and he really focused a lot on how to be a courteous and considerate driver which is valuable but not always discussed. I am now driving happily but without his tuition and the patience of a Saint I am not sure I would have managed it!"

"Gareth is the best driving instructor I have had. Since deciding to learn to drive I have had the tuition of a total of 4 driving instructors in Scotland......Gareth outshone the other driving instructors. His keen eye meant that he picked up driving faults I had made when others did not.......I never felt I didn't understand Gareth when asking for a clarification and, more importantly, I felt that I was a valued pupil....... I give my wholehearted recommendation of Gareth Marchant as a driving instructor. Gareth is exceptionally good value for money and also offers bulk discounts when purchasing lessons......a highly approachable person and I look forward to taking my Pass Plus with him......"