We’ve stressed many times on the tuition part of this site just how important it is for learners to practice between lessons. The more you practice, the fewer professional lessons you will need to pass your test - it really is as simple as that.

The snag can be the cost of insuring your practice car.

But there is good news! Several companies specialise in insuring learners to practice on a friends’ or relative’s car. This insurance does not affect the insurance policy of the car owner and, in the unfortunate event of an accident, any claim you make will not affect their no-claims discount. So it really will benefit both the learner and car owner.

These days, most insurance providers who offer this service are generally charging in the region of £90 per month. That sounds expensive but £90 is slightly less than the cost of four hours tuition (on average) and, if you make the most of your practice time by using the drivinghelp videos, you will save much much more than that in lesson time. So this kind of insurance can really help bring down the cost of your learning.

Here is a link to a company which offers a learner policy:


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