Shattered by the cost of insurance for young drivers?

Don’t worry - all is not lost.

First of all, do NOT think of driving without insurance! Apart from the fact it can ruin your life, the law is very strict on this and you could easily face a heavy fine and/or losing your licence. Yes it’s expensive, but the alternative is much worse.

Ok - so you’ve just passed your driving test and you’re raring to go. You dash out to buy a car, you find the one you’ve been dreaming about since you were ten - then reality hits home with a bang! Your insurance company have told you it will cost more to insure the car than it costs you to buy - a lot more.

Motoring message boards are crammed with young drivers desperately trying to find ways to get insurance.

Here’s a little advice which may help:

Do your research.
Reading this page is a good start! Obtain quotes from as many different companies as possible - the internet comparison sites are very useful for this. Try,, and You can also try individual companies online, some of whom cannot be found on the comparison sites - try, and

Specialist Insurance Companies.
There are a few companies who actually specialise in insurance for young drivers. One such company is YoungMarmalade. They offer realistic insurance policies to young drivers by linking the policy to the sale of a suitable new, or nearly new, car. So you kill two birds with one stone - nice new safe car, affordable insurance. Very clever and worth considering - even if you thought you could only afford an old banger. The drawback, however, is you will be paying for your first year's insurance over the period of the loan - so whilst in the short term it makes your first year's insurance more affordable, in the long term it's highly expensive.

Restrict the Level of Cover.
You can reduce your premium by restricting the level of cover. For example, limit the number of people who can drive the car. However, also bear in mind that including an experienced driver with a clean record on your cover may actually reduce your premium.

Increase Your Excess.
Consider increasing the amount you would pay as the first part of any claim - this is called the "excess". The higher the excess, the lower your premium. Just bear in mind, though, that if you have an accident you may find yourself with a sizable bill so, if you have a large excess, try to keep that amount saved in a savings account just incase one day you need it.

Take the Pass Plus.
To find out more about the Pass Plus course, click here. Several insurers will give discounts to young drivers with a Pass Plus certificate - ask when you get a quote.

Limited Mileage Policies.
If you don’t use the car very often, investigate limited mileage policies.

Park Safely.
Keep the car off the road or in a garage overnight.

Add an Experienced Driver.
Adding an experienced driver with a good driving record to your policy can sometimes lower the premium.

Research Your Level of Cover.
Don’t assume ‘third party only’ or 'third party, fire and theft' policies are going to be the cheapest. Sometimes you can get a lower quote for comprehensive. So try all levels of cover.

Drivinghelp discounts.
Becoming a drivinghelp member may help. drivinghelp is selecting insurance companies to offer discounts to members - before buying, see if your insurance company is on our list.

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