We are currently offering a fantastic £40 cash refund on insurance policies taken out through this site using Aviva. 

Note: This offer is over and above any discounts and offers made directly to you by Aviva!

Here’s how to qualify:

  1. Click on the Aviva banner on this page and obtain a quote.
  2. If the quote is acceptable to you, take out the insurance.
  3. Inform us using the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of this page. Give us your name, the date the policy starts and the policy number.
  4. When Aviva confirm your policy, we will inform you and refund your £40 either by cheque or bank transfer - whichever you prefer. (Note: It may take up to three weeks for Aviva to notify us due to legal requirements for them to allow a cooling off period).

To receive your refund you must satisfy the following requirements:

You must take out your policy online by clicking the link to Aviva on this site (this is how they track you have come from us).

You must be a new customer of Aviva - current customers will not qualify.
You must inform us of your policy number as described above.