Points to remember when making your insurance application:

  • Get as many quotes as possible. When you've found the cheapest, go to some others and ask if they can better it. But always remember that price isn't everything - make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.
  • Be honest about yourself and the car. Tell the company all about your driving record and any modifications to the car. If you don't, your insurance may be invalid - which is as bad as not having any insurance at all. Worse still, you might finish up in Court for lying.
  • Remember to ask about compulsory and voluntary excesses.
  • Think about taking a protected no claims bonus. It will cost you a little extra, but could save a lot in the long run if you have to make a claim.
  • Insurance companies regard women as safer. So, ladies, shop around for the best deal. In particular, there are companies who will only insure women - so they must be worth a look.
  • Remember to inform your insurance company if you are going abroad. You might already be covered for holidays, but you need to check because it's not always the case.
  • Check what extras you are getting on your policy - particularly breakdown cover and personal injury cover. You may or may not want these and they will add to the cost. Haggle over them if necessary.
  • Tell the company if you keep the car garaged overnight and if it has an alarm or tracking device fitted. These should reduce your premium.

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