How to Use the drivinghelp Course - Beginners

The course can be used on its own (with the help of a qualified driver) or, preferably, in conjunction with lessons given by a qualified instructor (ADI).

Start with the introduction to the lessons and then take the first 3 lessons in sequence.. The lessons can be as long or as short as you wish, but I would recommend no more than one and a half hours for each lesson. The brain finds it hard to absorb large amounts of complex information for longer than that.

Do not move on to the next lesson until you are comfortable with what you have learned already. This may mean taking any particular lesson more than once, indeed several times, before you are ready for the next. Don't be disheartened, this is normal. It's also normal to complete a lesson in half the normal time. In other words, there is no normal! Just move along at your own pace.

Make sure you and your supervisor read the relevant lesson carefully before going out. If you have a smart phone, you can watch the videos while you practice in the car - this will help you make sure you are driving correctly.

You can print the lessons off by clicking on the 'precis' page of each lesson to take in the car with you as a reminder. When you have tried all the lessons, I recommend keeping all the precis in the car with you to help as a reminder when you are practicing - and you will need to practice - lots!

At various points during the lessons you will see:


Your supervisor should click on these for help in teaching you.

Once you have completed lesson three, the sequence you continue with further lessons is not really important. Your supervisor or instructor should advise you on what you should be doing next. However, make sure you don't try something you are simply not ready for. An example would be roundabouts when you haven't completed junctions.

We recommend starting to learn reversing manoeuvres as soon as possible after lesson five as it involves subtle control of the car which will benefit all your driving. You will find each lesson clearly split into sections. Cover each section carefully. Don't make lessons too long - a tired driver doesn't learn quickly and becomes irritable.

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