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The Drivinghelp Premium Instructor list is completely FREE and we list only the highest graded instructors as assessed by the Driving Standards Agency. Click here to start your search.

Frustrated at the time and cost of learning to drive?
Value for money is NOT about your instructor's hourly rate - it IS about quality of tuition and making the most of your private practice. Find a great instructor and use the Drivinghelp videos to make the most of your practice is the best way to learn safely, quickly and at least cost. Click here to find your instructor and click here to go to the videos.

Many people have difficulty learning to drive for a number of reasons, ADHD being just one example. If you are struggling, you may benefit by discussing your issues with a qualified life coach. To find one near you, click here to be taken to the Life Coach Directory.

Teaching a friend or relative to drive - or helping with practice?
We understand how difficult it is to know if you are guiding the learner in the right direction to pass the test. Our extensive videos can help put your mind at rest - just watch the video and when you are with the learner all you have to do is encourage them to follow the methods described.* Click here to start the course.

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Drivinghelp.com offers an outstanding resource to help with learning to drive. Our online driving lessons have over 70 driving tuition videos to guide the learner and supervisor through the learning maze. Using the drivinghelp.com lessons you can learn all the basics for the UK driving test and save lots of money on driving lessons. For a small monthly or annual fee, you can have the added bonus of one-to-one help and guidance from our team of top level instructors!


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*Please note that safety is entirely the responsibility of the learner and his/her supervisor. Drivinghelp Ltd., its staff or advisors will not be responsible for any accident or mishap howsoever caused.
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