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Harsher restrictions proposed for young drivers
Posted: May 2013 by Tayana Simons
One fifth of serious road accidents involve a driver under the age of 24. What is being done about it?

Rat Race makes British Commuters Drive Badly
Posted: May 2013 by Tayana Simons
Is commuters recklessness putting fellow drivers and passengers at risk?

Top ten worst gadgets
Posted: March 2013 by Sharon at
Remember some of these inventions?

15 Top tips for parking your car
Posted: March 2013 by Sharon at
Tips for safe and secure parking

New drug-driving offence to be introduced
Posted: March 2013 by Sharon at
Consultation this summer for new drug-drive law in 2015

Top 15 Fears of newly qualified drivers
Posted: March 2013 by Sharon at
Study says that it takes new drivers three-and-a-half years to be confident behind the wheel after passing test.

RAC Foundation study: 1 in 10 Over 70's shouldn't be on the road
Posted: February 2013 by Sharon at
Study says that there are potentially half a million drivers on UK roads who are not fit to drive anymore

Which? Magazine - Top 10 Car buying regrets
Posted: January 2013 by Sharon at
Reasons why 31% of people surveyed decided buying that car was a mistake!

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